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Businesses reopen; Downtown Blacksburg launches cash mobs


Per the governor’s order, small businesses have reopened their doors and welcome customers back in phase one. With this in mind, Downtown Blacksburg Inc. (DBI) has launched and re-introduced cash mobs to encourage the public to continue to support Blacksburg’s downtown business community. This promotion will continue through May 28 and will highlight all of the downtown member merchants across all business types.

The idea behind DBI’s promotion is to galvanize community support by directing folks to purchase locally based on the highlighted category of the day. The schedule the organization created covers all food types that restaurants may offer and includes a week of. It is a simple, fun way to engage the community while encouraging everyone to shop local as businesses re-open in phase one of the governor’s roll-out.

Everyone should feel free to participate in one or all of the categories/days and then post your choice of dining or shopping downtown in the group, including a photo or a recommendation for others to try something new. For a list of DBI members visit

The restaurant cash mob today, Wednesday, May 20, highlights burgers. On Thursday, May 21, dessert and baked goods will be highlighted. Beginning Friday, May 22, the emphasis switches to retail cash mobs with Hokie paraphernalia. On Saturday, May 23, the theme is arts and crafts. Sunday is customer’s choice. Monday, May 25, the theme is clothing and apparel. Tuesday, May 26, it’s gifts. Wednesday the cash mob emphasis is on personal care (hair salons, barbers, etc.). The cash mob promotion ends on Thursday, May 28, with jewelry as the theme.

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