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Your guest editor

Your guest editor for the past three weeks has been the incomparable Mike Stater.

Mike is a Roanoke County resident who is a true renaissance man – he can do anything.

He’s an old-time newspaper guy, who was assistant city editor of the Charleston Daily Mail in Charleston, W. Va.; news editor of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, and time in radio and television. In more recent years, he followed the money and went over to what we in newspapers refer to as “the dark side” – public relations.

Mike did public relations for the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Health Department and six months for the City of Salem before moving to North Carolina.

I kid Mike about “getting out of prison.” He retired after six years with the public affairs office for the North Carolina Department of Correction. He and his wife, Linda, lived in Raleigh for six years and couldn’t wait to move back to the Roanoke Valley. We’re glad they did.

Mike and I had kept in touch during their sojourn in North Carolina. When they moved back and he said he was available to write occasionally for the Salem Times-Register, we jumped at the chance to have him do feature articles, photographs and cover the Salem School Board.

He was my first thought as a fill-in editor while I’ve been out for three weeks, getting used to my new right hip.

Mike accepted because he knew the assignment was short term. Right now, he and Linda are getting ready for a well-deserved trip to England to visit her family and friends.

We look forward to having Mike Stater’s articles and photos in the Salem Times-Register again in the future.


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