WBHS electronic message board now operational

VINTON–William Byrd High School’s new electronic message board monument sign located near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Bypass Road in Vinton is now operational.

The idea for the sign was first introduced by Mike Stovall, Vinton’s representative to the Roanoke County School Board in June 2011. At that time a surplus in the County’s minor construction account made it possible for the School Board to distribute $40,000 to each school.

A consensus was reached among the WBHS staff and school organizations to use the money for the digital sign because VDOT would not permit the sign to be erected in their right of way near the high school.

The new WBHS electronic message board monument sign at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Bypass Road in Vinton is now operational. Mayor Brad Grose, WBHS principal Dr. Richard Turner, Vinton School Board Representative Mike Stovall, and Dr. Lorraine Lange, Roanoke County Superintendent of Schools are shown (left to right) with the sign which will post messages not only from the high school, but from the Town, Roanoke County, civic organizations, and emergency services.














The school’s PTA recommended asking Vinton Town Council to allow construction of the sign at the Washington Avenue intersection since approximately 28,000 motorists pass through the area each day. The sign needed Council’s approval since it would be built in their right of way.

After several months of discussions on the pros and cons of the sign and input from area residents, Council approved the final design on January 17, 2012.

The sign is now operational and messages can be displayed between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. The message board will be used by WBHS, the Town of Vinton, Roanoke County, civic groups, and emergency organizations.

Because the Town owns the right of way, Vinton Public Works will be responsible for mowing the grass. The County schools will maintain the landscaping and evergreen trees to be planted. The school system will also pay the electric bill for the sign.

Requests for posting on the sign will go through Dr. Turner’s office at WBHS and follow school guidelines.