Vinton Police Department introduces new Animal Control officer

VINTON–Officer Robert G. Eakin is Vinton’s new Animal Control and Community Services Officer. Eakin has been with the Vinton Department since 2011 in the patrol division. He previously worked as a jailer in the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Department and at the Regional Jail.

Officer Robert G. Eakin has assumed his new duties as Vinton's Animal Control and Community Services officer. Eakin has been with the department since 2011.












Officer Eakin has completed the basic animal control officer course at the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy. His animal control duties include handling domestic animal issues and emergency situations involving any animal.

As Community Services Officer, he is the liaison between the Vinton Police Department and community groups such as Neighborhood Watch, senior citizens, and civic organizations. In the coming weeks, Officer Eakin will be introducing himself around the community to the different civic groups.

Eakin grew up in Craig County and graduated from Craig County High School.

Citizens who need assistance with animal control issues may contact Officer Eakin at 540-562-3265. When he is not available or is off duty, another officer is dispatched.

Forms are available online on the new Vinton Police Department website  at for citizens to report animal nuisances, missing pets, and any other animal control issues. The Vinton Police Department deals only with domestic animals, not wildlife, although if there is a true emergency situation they can be called.

“We still continue to pick up domestic animals (dogs and cats), but not wildlife, unless there is an emergency such as an animal bite or attack, one that’s trapped inside a building or by some object, a possible rabid animal, or anything that poses an immediate danger to a person or the animal,” said Vinton Police Chief Ben Cook.