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Town of Vinton begins annual leaf collection on November 5

VINTON–Last fall the Town of Vinton collected over 81 tons of leaves. That includes 3,170 bags of leaves (6.3 tons) and 74.7 tons of loose leaves. The Public Works Department will begin its annual collection of loose leaves this year on November 5, weather permitting, and finish up on December 14.

The Town is divided into four zones for the service. Employees make two cycles through the Town, working each zone for a couple of weeks and then moving on to the next. Toward the end of the season, crews usually lap the Town everyday looking for stragglers.


Town of Vinton begins annual leaf collection on November 5










Vinton has a leaf vacuuming truck to pick up residents’ loose leaves. Bagged leaf collection begins at the same time and coincides with normal refuse collection days.

Residents are asked to rake their leaves no closer than 1 foot and no farther back than 5 feet from the curb or edge of the street in front of the residence by 7:00 a.m.  

Please rake the leaves to the curb as close to the scheduled collection date as possible and do not block sidewalks. This will minimize leaves blowing into the streets, neighboring properties, and storm water drains.

 Do not place leaves in the street or gutter as this may cause rainwater to pond and leaves to wash into the roadway, creating hazards and obstructing traffic. Leaves in storm inlets can create backups and flooding conditions in neighborhoods damaging both Town and private property.

Residents should also make sure not to rake sticks, rocks, tree limbs, and other debris in with the leaves since that can clog and damage the equipment, causing delays.

Town residents are encouraged to mulch leaves while mowing their lawns as much as possible, which will both enrich their lawns and eliminate the need to bag or rake the leaves.

More information and the leaf collection map are available on the Town’s website at  Weather and equipment breakdown issues can cause delays.

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