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This time, the Almanac got it right

This time, “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” got it right. The cold weather, I mean.

Four years ago when the Salem area had two combined snowfalls of 30 inches, with 20 of that staying on the ground for several weeks, I recall the almanac only that our area would be having a cold winter, not a snowy one.

This time we have almost record-breaking cold, bone-zinging, close enough to zero for a couple of nights at least twice so far. And true winter is only 1 month old.

I’ve watched friends and family checking telephone weathercasts, National Weather Service forecasts on their computers, smartphone apps, sticking their heads out the door, scanning the skies for days now. Most of us laughed when local weather people got it wrong, and instead of inches or feet of snow, the Salem area got a smattering.

What would we have been doing 50 years ago in regards to watching for the weather? Would we have trusted the Old Farmers Almanac more? Noted how high up the hornets and wasps were building their nests in the fall? Compared the acorn crop against previous years?

Heck, there wasn’t an acorn crop in the fall. Should that have warned us of something, other than an extra-cold spring froze the oak blossoms before they could set nuts?

Last spring and summer’s vegetable and fruit crops were sparse, that time because of too much rain, too cold, then too dry. I’m praying we have soft rains at just the right times and amounts this year. And tomatoes, lots of tomatoes, and green beans, and corn. And yes, acorns, loads of acorns, so the deer, squirrels and bear will leave people’s favorite flowers and foods alone.

Wonder what “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” has to say about spring?







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