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Thinking of selling your first home? Part 2 … Moving to the inside

Take some pictures of the rooms around your house, put them up on a big screen computer, and what do you see?

If you want to sell the house, you must make it possible to see the house.

Pack some of your furnishings to make room for the new buyer to really look at the available space in each room.

You know when a car dealer wants to sell a used car… he has it detailed which means that it will be cleaner than any automobile ever usually appears most days.

But, the new sparkle can help catch a potential buyer’s attention, “well,  it sure is a clean one!”

So, it might be worthwhile to hire someone to clean your house– cleaner than most houses normally look, because, it really matters when the hopeful buyer says to your realtor,  “it sure is a clean one!”, Pack unnecessary belongings like those things cluttering the dresser that you’ve possibly haven’t used for three years or more.

Do you admire a friend’s house that always looks great inside and out?

What do you think makes a house or property look better or worse?

Ed Gallimore
Realtor & Principal Broker,
McNeil Real Estate

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