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Thinking about selling your first home?

Some questions you should consider: What can I afford now? Will it really benefit me to do this now? Why do I want to sell now?”

Maybe you want to be closer to town … Maybe the babies need more room, or maybe your budget will allow for the 2nd bath. Work with a realtor and see if there is home that has the up-grades you are looking for in your price range. Have him or her do a market analysis on your current home to established the “sell-ability” and price. Ask your realtor for an estimate of how long they think it may take to sell your house at the market price.

Now take a look at other houses in your price range and see how much it compares to what you have to offer a buyer, be objective. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes for a moment. Does your price need to be higher or lower than similar houses? Consider things like the condition of the driveway, will the home need a new roof in the near future, does it have central air and how do all of the selling points compare with other homes that it would be competing against.

If I was going to sell my house I would take a couple pictures of the front and the back from different angles put them up on the screen and see what is distracting you from seeing how pretty you think it is. Ask yourself if this photo were to pop up when your where searching for a home would you say, “Honey stop what you are doing we must hurry and see the rest of this house before its sold.”

Can you make a few changes in that photo such as new shutters, replace the sagging guttering, or maybe just clean the mildew off of the siding and move all the bikes to the back building? Maybe put some extra care in trimming and weed-eating around the side walk? Remember the outside of your house offers the first impression of the entire home.

Have you seen a home that you had a great idea for a quick fix to perk it up? Or, would you like advice on your own home? Just post it here! I look forward to your comments as I continue writing these blogs and sharing my own personal experience in getting the most from your real estate investment.

-Ed Gallimore
Realtor & Principal Broker, McNeil Real Estate

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