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There’s a sweater farm in my car

There’s a sweater farm in my car

That’s what our former reporter Julianna Doerzaph said her dad used to call it, when she left her sweaters in the family vehicle.

Actually, there’s a jacket farm in my car. If this weather would ever make up its mind if it’s winter, spring or summer, I might get most of them out.

Yesterday I counted, and was horrified to find that almost every one of my five or six mid-weight blazers were hung one over the other on the backs of the driver and passenger seats. I have gotten my down jacket hung in the closet.

Buried underneath a couple of blazers laid (neatly) across the passenger seat I found one of a pair of two sets of wooly gloves; five knitted or crocheted hats, one fur muff, seven unopened bottles of water…Wait, this is sounding like a bizarre version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

I don’t really live in my car, but these days it feels like it.

Honestly, I have cleaned out my Durango since Christmas. But there were a few reminders of various holidays under seats and elsewhere: a string of Christmas-light-shaped ornaments, a couple of stuffed Easter bunnies, a Valentine-print lap quilt, and a disposable light blue coverall from the operating room of the Roanoke Valley Center for Sight. I keep the coverall in the car in case I need to pull something over my clothes if I have to get out in messy conditions, such as tall weeds.

For the past week, my dashboard served as a solar drying shelf for fresh catnip I spotted and harvested along the roadside in Catawba on the way back from doing an interview at Catawba Hospital.

I did get the plastic water bottles in the recycling bin yesterday. Next I have to get the ones next to my desk.

The back of my car is all work, mostly supplies for the Salem Farmers’ Market, and in mid-May, the Catawba Valley Farmers’ Market where I sell homemade cookies and cinnamon pecan rolls – and catnip-stuffed kitty socks. There’s a folding director’s chair, tablecloths, signs, my Cookie Lady banner, cookie jars (no, there aren’t cookies in them, since the bear-who-came-over-the-mountain broke in my car to get the cookies), and assorted necessary items. You can read more about that bear in my column from the time,

There’s also a set of jumper cables, a flashlight in the glove compartment, and other useful items.

When the weather stays warm and sunny enough for two hours, I promise I’m going to clean out the non-essential “stuff.” I hope the car isn’t too lonely.

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