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The woman behind the wine bottle


Emily Belcher checks barrels during the fermentation process of wine-making.

by Cory L. Higgs

One local woman is pouring her ambition back into the bottle, pursuing a life in the world of winemaking.

Emily Belcher enjoys making wine as much as she enjoys drinking it and she has devoted her time and energy to become one of the first female pioneers in the area to enter the industry.

From the crack of dawn till she cracks a bottle open at dusk, you can find Belcher deep in the cellar at Chateau Morrisette Winery, working tirelessly to create the world’s oldest, and arguably most adored, beverage.

Belcher was born and raised in Woolwine and has lived in Patrick County most of her life.

She sought employment at the chateau in Floyd, and from there, her passion and love for all things wine grew. She said her real passion for wine appeared once she made friends in the industry and became intoxicatingly interested in the process of turning a cluster of grapes into a bottle of wine….


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