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‘The Rev’s House’ is a walk through history

The Rev. Tyler C. Millner Sr., explains how his mother, the Rev. Almeda F. Millner, gained her first two congregates to Morning Star Holy Church. (Photos by Brandon Martin)

By Brandon Martin

Driving by Morning Star Holy Church on the long, winding Stoney Mountain Road, most people may only see another brick church laden with crosses and perched on a grassy knoll overlooking the mountainside. That’s not what the Rev. Tyler C. Millner Sr., sees though.

When you enter the pearly white doors, it is clear that you not only have entered the Lord’s Sanctuary but you’ve also entered “The Rev’s House.”

A memorial dedication to Rev. Almeda F. Millner by her son, the Rev. Tyler Millner.

“I have been in the church all of my life which means 73 years,” Millner said. “I know nothing else. The church grew up with me and I grew up in the church.”

Millner, or as he likes to be called “Rev,” is the second pastor at Morning Star. The first was a person way ahead of their time and he has built a…

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