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‘The Pig’ prepares to make a comeback

SALEM – The pig is coming back.

It isn’t the same pig, of course, that sat next to now-gone Henry’s Memphis BBQ but the new pig is a few yards away on West Main Street, just down the street from the first one.

West Main Pig II is next to Crossroads Hobby Shop at West Main and Bruffey Street.

The 700-pound concrete porker was bright pink with “Salem Pig” painted on it when people first spotted Elite Towing business partners Jeff Wimmer and Johnny McLain arriving in Salem Tuesday afternoon with the pig they purchased in Boones Mill.

“As much as Salem does for us, we wanted to give something back,” said Wimmer, who lives near Glenvar High School and appreciates the GHS, Salem High School rivalry evidenced by the prolific pig painting that first year. “We saw how all the schools, and churches and other people enjoyed painting the pig at Henry’s.”

Wimmer approached Ronnie Black of Crossroads Hobby Shop about putting the pig next to his shop.

“Ronnie has worked out perfect. He’s a super nice guy. We figured the pig would be visible from Main Street and it wouldn’t bother anybody.”

“I hope people will enjoy this pig as much as they did the first one,” said Black. He said he wasn’t concerned that pig painters would paint the parking lot as they did at Henry’s. “I’m hoping to contain it in the small area I have out here. I’m hoping it will be in good fun and doesn’t get out of hand.”

Wimmer said he and McLain wanted to put the new pig near where the first had been, and where several signs and a small purple plastic piggy bank has been put up by a SHS student, along with signs that say, “Bring back the pig.”

“We’ll probably put up a sign saying ‘Your pig is back, down the street,’ or something like that,” Wimmer added.

The new pig arrived just in time to start another SHS-GHS rivalry that will probably take on a life of its own as the original pig did.

For all the pig details, see this week’s Sept. 2 issue of the Salem Times-Register.

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