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‘Flying Fortress’ returns to the air

By Patrick Smith
SALEM – While many people enjoyed a day off from work Monday, a pair of World War II veterans from the Salem area remembered some of the hardest, most dangerous work they had ever done as crewmen on a B-17 bomber. Jeff Baker and Clark Cregger toured the Boeing B-17 “Movie Memphis Belle” at... »

Vehicle runs down World War I field artillery gun landmark

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – The German World War I field artillery gun survived the “War to End All Wars,” but couldn’t survive an attack by a Dodge Durango. Salem Police have a suspect – who was not identified Monday afternoon – they said, adding they expected to put out a press release Tuesday morning, Jan. 14.... »

Growing up at children’s home gave them possibilities

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Sisters Nellie, Catherine and Janet Russell were only 3, 4 and 5 years old when they were taken away from their mother and came to live at the children’s home. Their brother Cary was 9. The place that became their new home was the Lutheran Children’s Home of the South, a collection... »

A joke becomes reality in ‘country store’ book

By Gwen Johnson
CRAIG COUNTY, VA – If Craig County had a Best Seller list, “Craig County Stores & Other Points of Interest” by local residents Jerry Carper and Glenn Paxton would certainly be at the top. The book which Paxton says started out as a joke has sold 435 copies and is currently on its fourth... »

Veterans’ Plaza will be dedicated Wednesday for D-Day

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – A new Veterans’ Plaza to recognize the nation’s veterans will be dedicated on D-Day, June 6, at the Salem Museum. The ceremony will start 4 p.m., with veterans of the armed forces especially invited. The Salem High School Jazz Band will play, and local veteran Douglas Dowe will raise the flag on... »

Craig resident remembers Audie Murphy plane crash

By Gwen Johnson
CRAIG COUNTY – Memorial Day is a day of remembering and paying homage to those who have given their lives in countless wars so that Americans of yesterday, today and forever, God willing, can live a life of freedom. Audie Murphy, who died in a plane crash on Brushy Mountain in Craig County, was... »

D-Day veteran Bob Slaughter passes away

By Meg Hibbert
ROANOKE – D-Day veteran Bob Slaughter died the day after ceremonies marking Memorial Day at the memorial he fought so hard to get established.   Roanoke County resident Slaughter was one of the main men who pushed for establishment of the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford County. The location was chosen by Salem, Roanoke,... »

History mystery of World War II intrigues 11-year-old

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Gabby Peppers is fascinated with the past, particularly a history mystery she discovered while walking in a cemetery with her dad. Walking in cemeteries and reading grave markers is one of the favorite activities of the 11-year-old Salem resident and her father, Todd Peppers. A little more than a month ago they were... »

Re-Creation’s ‘Everyday People’ show salutes veterans at veterans’ hospital

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Weathered veterans from World War II and Korea smiled, applauded and waved at the young people who showed their appreciation for the older folks’ service to the United States in a high-energy show March 1. Those who were able gave a standing ovation for the seven-member cast and two crew who put... »

Paine writes memoirs of growing up in Salem

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Bob Paine’s memoir on growing up in Salem is more than recollections of growing up in Salem. He also believes he had the original ideas for “Forrest Gump,” “Saving Private Ryan” and almost 100 more story lines for major films and books. In “Hollywood Ate my Brain,” Robert Parson Paine explains how... »