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Vinton residents reminded to follow the rules on trash and mowing

By Debbie Adams
VINTON–High winds in recent weeks and the upcoming Dogwood Festival during the last week in April have led the town to remind residents about regulations regarding trash clean-up and disposal. The Town Code says that leaving a bag of trash at the street does not fulfill your responsibility as a citizen of Vinton. Trash... »

uShop TV is born in Salem

By Meg Hibbert
Whit Kelly is about to birth a baby. It’s not just any baby, though. In August, his new television shopping network will go live on the air, and it’s based in Salem. People who know the history of the Home Shopping Network recall that Salem businessman Cabell Brand and his family were involved in... »

An anniversary tribute to my sweetie

By Meg Hibbert
I knew when I met him I’d never be bored. It’s been 45 years now, and I’m not bored yet. That doesn’t mean our lives together have always been fireworks, champagne and roses. But the 45 years that Bill and I have been married have definitely been interesting. We progressed from the early days of being... »

Dog raises $1,169 to save other pooches

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM- Little Miss Missy Weddle has a wardrobe of frilly dresses, fur coats, bikinis, a flock of stuffed ducks and even a pint-size Mercedes. She uses them for a good cause, though. Missy is a dog, a fundraising pooch, to be exact, who has raised more than $1,169 for Angels of Assisi so far... »

I’ll remember Rodney

By Meg Hibbert
Even though we’re still dealing with leftovers from the almost-2-feet of snow that fell during the Snow Moon last week, spring is coming. We all know we can’t trust Punxsutawney Phil, that shadow-seeing groundhog. After all, he lives up North. Of course there are going to be six weeks more winter in Pennsylvania after... »

Customer service is top on Salem Postmaster’s list

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Customers calling the Salem Post Office are frequently taken aback when the phone is answered, “Salem Post Office. Stan speaking. May I help you?” Stan is Stan Scruggs, the Salem Postmaster since September. Sometimes he fills in at the counter for a few minutes when clerks get backed up. Customers have seen... »

City’s only female snow plow operator ‘just one of the guys’

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – The young woman who describes herself as “The City of Salem’s only girl snow plow driver” is just one of the guys. Unless people are up during the middle of the night when the snow is falling, they probably don’t realize one of people clearing snow off city streets isn’t a guy.... »

Snow Angels

By Meg Hibbert
This week’s snow that wasn’t supposed to come here reminded me of snow angels. Not the kind you make by flopping in several inches of the fluffy stuff – although I’ll probably make a quick one of those, too – but angels who appear when you need help in the snow. Over the years... »

This time, the Almanac got it right

By Meg Hibbert
This time, “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” got it right. The cold weather, I mean. Four years ago when the Salem area had two combined snowfalls of 30 inches, with 20 of that staying on the ground for several weeks, I recall the almanac only that our area would be having a cold winter, not... »

Dudding to compete in national Young Farmers Discussion Meet

By Meg Hibbert
CRAIG COUNTY – Craig County cattle farmer Jeannie Dudding is leaving Friday for San Antonio, Texas, where she will compete in the national level of the Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Discussion Meet. Dudding, who is a Virginia Cooperative Extension agriculture and natural resources agent for Bland and Giles counties, took top... »