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Valleydale pigs ‘retire’ in area

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM  – Zoomer, Boomer, Zinger and Val – Valleydale’s four little pigs – won’t be marching across the Roanoke Valley any more. The Valleydale brand of bacon and hot dogs will still exist in limited areas, but the last vestiges of the Valleydale Meat Packing are disappearing from the area with the closing of... »

Defending hearth and home

By Submitted
SALEM, VA – As the 150th Anniversary of the nation’s bloodiest and greatest conflict in history is now in its third year, the public’s attention is turned to the crucial and critical moments that defined the year 1863. While many may remember the Emancipation Proclamation and the bloody battle of Gettysburg, here in the... »

Child Care Center kids more prepared for school than others

By Meg Hibbert
NEW CASTLE – Although some might think the Craig County Child Care Center just provides baby sitting, recently released test scores show kids who go through preschool learning at the center in New Castle are better prepared for school than others. On Aug. 28, directors of the Craig County Child Care Center and other... »

Studebaker drivers show off their rides

By Correspondent
SALEM – Early on Saturday morning, a dozen Studebaker owners convened at the K&W cafeteria in Salem, for what the club lovingly referred to as “food, fellowship and car talk.” The club, which serves as the local chapter of the international Studebaker Drivers Club, meets twice a year in the Roanoke Valley, as they... »

How did Glenvar really get its name?

By Submitted
Glenvar: The name is affixed to the well-known West Roanoke County community; it’s seen on signs for businesses and the library now under construction; it’s worn by teenagers on green and yellow hoodies. But where, one might ask, did the name Glenvar originate? A recently discovered mention in an ancient newspaper sheds new light... »

Nature’s April Fool joke: Snow one day, 80s the next week

By Meg Hibbert
CRAIG COUNTY – It was Mother Nature’s April Fool’s joke on Craig County and the Roanoke and New River valleys. Just before afternoon commute time on April 4, the skies dumped between 4 and 7 inches of sleet and fluffy, wet snow. Snow covered daffodils and other blooming bulbs and created winter sculptures on... »

Surprise April snow catches forecasters – and flowers – off guard

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – In another of Mother Nature’s April Fool’s jokes this season, just before afternoon commute time on April 4, skies dumped between 4 and 7 inches of sleet and fluffy, wet snow on the Roanoke and New River Valley. Numerous accidents happened in the Christiansburg area by mid-afternoon, with several drivers flipping or... »

Air Force cancels Roanoke-area jazz concert due to budget cuts

By Meg Hibbert
ROANOKE COUNTY – The free concert by the Air Force Jazz Ensemble has been cancelled, due to federal budget cuts related to the “sequester.” The concert was scheduled for Sunday, March 17, at Cave Spring High School. The local cancellation was announced March 7, by Wendi Schultz, who is Roanoke County Parks & Recreation’s... »

More snow?

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Forecasters say there could be more snow this Friday, Jan. 25. Salem , the Roanoke Valley and the New River Valley had their first snowstorm of the winter last week that moved in right on the forecasters’ schedule. The wet snow topped two days of heavy rains with anywhere from 4 to... »

Teen, dad build therapy room for Nicaraguan child

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – A 5-year-old Nicaraguan girl may learn how to walk because a Salem pre-teen cared. Jake Johnson, who is almost 13, and his dad, Mark, went to Nicaragua to build a 12-by-12-foot therapy room that doubled the size of the tiny house where Naling and her mother live. They went because Jake convinced... »