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Kuchar receives second Fulbright Scholar award

By Kelsey Bartlett
When Dr. Martha Kuchar visits Eastern Europe in the fall, in some ways, she said it will feel like she is returning home. In other ways, she said she expects it to feel very different. Kuchar, chair of the Roanoke College English department, will spend the fall semester in Moldova, teaching as a Fulbright... »

Roanoke College grad to go from Salem to Japan

By Kelsey Bartlett
Sarah Morris said she feels lucky to land a job right after college. Like many recent graduates, she will be embarking on a new adventure away from home. However, hers will take her further than most, nearly 7,000 miles away, to Japan. Morris, who studied international relations, walked across the stage at the Roanoke... »

Salem local boasts literature’s practical purposes

By Correspondent
By Peter Morgan Intern Professor and chairperson of Roanoke College’s English department Martha Kuchar has spent the last few years teaching 21st century “Headline Literature.” Itself a capstone course, this class is part of Roanoke’s INQ curriculum, which is meant to stimulate critical thinking through a broad range of diverse subjects and topics. To... »

Rubio comes out swinging at packed Roanoke College rally

By Kelsey Bartlett
Push not enough to win primary Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio brought the heat during his Sunday night Roanoke College appearance, where he addressed a crowd of around 2,600 in an attempt to slow Donald Trump’s momentum in the southwestern portion of the state. A Roanoke College poll that was released on Friday predicted... »

Gaming for a cure

By Kelsey Bartlett
For the second year in a row, an Extra Life event has been held at Roanoke College. All proceeds from the event go towards the Children’ Miracle Network and Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital. The event was a marathon of sorts. For 24 hours straight, participants played video games, board games, and watched anime movies.... »

Special Summer Jobs on Campus

By Correspondent
Roanoke College “IT” keeps on sharpening student minds  By Jonathan Cribb There are history majors and English majors. Computer science majors, too. Some want to go the Valley someday, Silicon Valley that is. Some want to stay right here in the Roanoke Valley. Mostly, they want to expand their minds, do something important over... »

Student safety in Salem needs vigilant awareness

By Mike Stater
SALEM – Salem is often ranked as one of Virginia’s safest cities, but that doesn’t mean local residents should let down their guard in ensuring their safety. Abductions and murders of young women have made national headlines in recent months and young women in Salem should not get a false sense of security, says... »

uShop TV is born in Salem

By Meg Hibbert
Whit Kelly is about to birth a baby. It’s not just any baby, though. In August, his new television shopping network will go live on the air, and it’s based in Salem. People who know the history of the Home Shopping Network recall that Salem businessman Cabell Brand and his family were involved in... »

Historic marker honors Salem artist Walter Biggs

By Submitted
SALEM – A new historic marker honoring Walter Biggs now stands near where the late artist and illustrator lived in Salem. On June 24, the marker was unveiled at the corner of College Avenue and The Boulevard, in a grassy triangle across from John M. Oakey and Son Funeral Home. Obtaining the marker was... »

Frog is back, spring is here

By Meg Hibbert
Frog is back. Spring is officially here. He’s only a medium-size bullfrog in a water garden the size of a bathtub in our front yard. Still, as far as I’m concerned, when he shows up it’s spring. I never know from year to year where the frogs who find our mini-pond go in the... »