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Hibbert retires as editor

By Debbie Adams
Meg Hibbert is retiring on July 4 after 15 years as editor of the Salem Times-Register and The New Castle Record. She is not a native of Salem, or even of Virginia, but she has made herself an integral part of the Salem community in her years there. “Meg came into the job with... »

Your guest editor

By Meg Hibbert
Your guest editor for the past three weeks has been the incomparable Mike Stater. Mike is a Roanoke County resident who is a true renaissance man – he can do anything. He’s an old-time newspaper guy, who was assistant city editor of the Charleston Daily Mail in Charleston, W. Va.; news editor of the... »

Following fire trucks – and typewriters

By Meg Hibbert
Like many beginning reporters at small-town papers, I used to follow fire trucks. We seldom do that anymore, for several reasons. These days, 90 percent of Salem Fire & Emergency Medical Services calls aren’t for fires. Instead, they’re for shortness of breath, heart palpitations and other medical needs. Also, the nature of news has... »

A taste of home mailed to Craig troops

By Meg Hibbert
NEW CASTLE – Wherever they are serving in the world, 23 Craig County soldiers will be getting packages from home for Christmas, right down to homemade graham cracker cake, hot cocoa mix and copies of The New Castle Record. The “care packages” are from MAP, which stands for Military Appreciation Program. Volunteers packed the... »

Candied Girl Scouts and gumdrop penguins

By Meg Hibbert
It was only fitting that members of Girl Scout Troop 812 put themselves into their gingerbread. After all, it is their last year being able to compete in their age group. Each scout made a miniature fondant-and-candy figure of herself to go next to the gingerbread model of the Carriage House, which is where... »

Tricked by tridecaphobia

By Meg Hibbert
I’m not afraid of Friday the 13th. At least, I didn’t think I was. But last week’s supposedly unlucky day tried to catch up with me. I made it through noon without thinking about the date. Sure, there were some minor glitches: dropping things because I was trying to carry too many objects in... »

Barking foxes and cheeping wrens

By Meg Hibbert
When I let our dogs out at 5 a.m. the other day – they were sleeping in that morning; today when it was hotter, their preferred time was 2 a.m. – giant puppy Catawba took off growling and big-time woofing at the far end of the yard, and kept it up. There was definitely... »

Almost too pretty to eat

By Meg Hibbert
Sandy Lane gets excited when she talks about eating flowers. Red buds, apple blossoms, violets, the herb rosemary’s lavender blooms, petunias, pansies, violas, calendula, marigolds, and more. The horticulturist who is director of the Compensated Work Therapy greenhouse program at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center spoke to a packed afternoon session at the... »

A year of weather in a month

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – You could say there were all four climate conditions in a month: drought, a 70-degree day, flooding, followed by ice and snow – and then almost spring. First, Salem and the surrounding areas were part of the drought conditions plaguing the Roanoke Valley starting with last summer. Enough snow to call it... »

Year of the Snake arrives

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – Four-year-old Jolena Hylton bravely fanned a furry red lion with a colorful Chinese fan before shrinking in mock fear when her dad donned the costume and pretended to swallow her. The Year of the Snake had arrived, nine days earlier than the Jan. 10 calendar date. The occasion was the fifth annual... »