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Salem catches craft beer fever

By Correspondent
SALEM – After holding a soft opening on January 26 Parkway Brewing Company located on Kessler Mill Road has been drawing in the crowds.  Over 40 people were still there at 7:30 last Thursday night, tasting the beers currently on tap at Salem’s first microbrewery and listening to live music by Phil Norman.  “Salem... »

A year of weather in a month

By Meg Hibbert
SALEM – You could say there were all four climate conditions in a month: drought, a 70-degree day, flooding, followed by ice and snow – and then almost spring. First, Salem and the surrounding areas were part of the drought conditions plaguing the Roanoke Valley starting with last summer. Enough snow to call it... »

Parents ask, ‘Tell us how to save Fort Lewis’

By Correspondent
ROANOKE COUNTY – Passions rose inside the already-stuffy gymnasium at Fort Lewis Elementary as about 150 people gathered to talk with Roanoke County school leaders Sept. 26 during a community meeting.  With Roanoke County Schools looking for ways to save money, Fort Lewis is on the list as a possibility to be closed and... »

Big Lick Beertopia in Salem a craft-brewed delight

By Correspondent
SALEM -On a gorgeous afternoon approximately 1400 people gathered together on the field of the Salem Red Sox Stadium to celebrate craft-brewed beer.  Big Lick Beertopia, now in its second year, was held this past Saturday, June 9.  The event, put on by the Roanoke Jaycees saw a large growth from its inaugural year.... »

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

By Correspondent
Although I have resisted the cupcake mania for quite a while I can not deny that they are wonderful little treats.  They are, it is true.  Here is a recipe of my own creation, blending together the delicious tartness of fresh cherries and the decadent sweetness of chocolate chips.  I’ve seen recipes for chocolate... »

Chicken, Shrimp, and Andouille Jambalaya

By Correspondent
This is a recipe that I simply love, and I know you will too!  There are certain criteria that a recipe must meet in order to become a favorite in my kitchen: is it forgivable and adaptable and is it easy to make or will it make me insane because I have to watch... »

Red Velvet delights for Valentine’s Day

By Correspondent
When it comes to Valentine’s Day the color red is everywhere, symbolizing joy, passion, and love.  In honor of that, this week’s recipes are two takes on red velvet.  Red Velvet Cake has long been a Southern classic, but these recipes take a slightly different spin on them.    Red Velvet Cupcakes This recipe... »

It’s game time

By Correspondent
Super Bowl is quickly approaching.  Not only is it the biggest game of the year, but it is also one of the biggest food and eating days.  One of the things that makes Super Bowl so much fun when it comes to cooking is the variety that each year brings.  Sure, you have your... »

Mastering multi-tasking a rewarding experience for Charlotte Moore

By Correspondent
ROANOKE – Multi-tasking is something women were simply born to do.  It is something at which Charlotte Moore is very good.  Moore is not only on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, but she is also a realtor, owner of the landscaping company Dream Scapes, as well as a single mother to two now-grown children,... »

Cognitive therapy sessions provide ‘mental boot camp’ for brain-injured youth

By Correspondent
ROANOKE – While doctors recognize the importance of cognitive therapy, and educators talk about it, it is often a subject that is simply discussed.  The value of it is always acknowledged but, if you’re trying to seek out someone who offers cognitive learning skills, you can find yourself on a seemingly wild-goose hunt.  That was... »