Shoe Show scheduled to open at Lake Drive Plaza in Vinton

VINTON–A new Shoe Show store will soon be opening at Lake Drive Plaza in Vinton in the location of the former Blockbuster Video. Renovations began during the week of January 21.

“We do not have a scheduled opening date yet; however if construction is complete in mid-February, I would anticipate the store opening in late February or early March, provided there are no delays on the project,” said Vicki Ayers, Director of Visual Merchandising and Marketing at Shoe Show, Inc.


A new Shoe Show store will be opening in Vinton within the next two months. Renovations on the former Blockbuster location at Lake Drive Plaza began on January 21. The store hopes to open by early March.










Shoe Show is owned by a company based in Concord, North Carolina, founded in 1960 by Robert Tucker. They operate 1,100 stores in 37 states from Maine to Florida to Wisconsin to Arizona.

Shoe Show also owns and operates Shoe Department (one is located in Salem), Shoe Department Encore (one is located at Valley View Mall), and Burlington Shoes.

The new store in Vinton will occupy 6400 square feet and stock over 13,000 pairs of shoes, handbags and accessories. They carry nationally recognized brand name shoes and a complete line of family footwear–dress, casual, sport, and work–for men, women, and children.

Shoe Show stores generally open in suburban, urban, or rural areas with populations of at least 15,000.

Shoe Show was attracted to the Vinton location because of its proximity to the busy Kroger and Dollar Tree stores in the shopping center.

“We had an opportunity to get a Blockbuster building on an endcap that would provide the exposure to the traffic of this viable community around Roanoke,” said Roger Hypes, Real Estate Director of the Southeast Division. “We have a Shoe Dept. Encore and a Shoe Dept. in the Roanoke-Salem markets, but no Shoe Show. This space allowed us to go in a trade area with a strong grocer and a national dollar store. This will allow the residents of Vinton to have a full-line family footwear store that includes some branded athletic footwear, close to where they live and shop.”