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Missing girl’s aunts plead with suspected abductor to let her come home

ROANOKE COUNTY – Family members of the missing 12-year-old Glenvar girl came forward today at a press conference to plead with accused abductor Jeff Easley to let Brittany Smith come home for her slain mother’s funeral, and for Christmas.

Two of Brittany’s aunts took the microphone at this afternoon’s press update at the Roanoke County Public Safety Building to ask Easley, who was the boyfriend of Brittany’s mother, to allow the girl to return safely.

Roanoke County Police Chief Ray Lavinder said that out of the 500 tips that have been called in and e-mailed since Tina Smith was found dead and Brittany was discovered to be missing, none have produced any positive outcome.

“It has been almost a week since the last sighting,” he said, “which gives me a great deal of concern.”

Easley and Brittany showed up in surveillance videotapes from the Salem Walmart about 8:35 p.m. on Dec. 3. No one has come forward to tell police or family members they have seen the two, nor heard from them.

The body of Brittany’s mother was found in their home on Fort Lewis Circle on Monday morning by two co-workers from Richfield’s Recovery and Care Center. Police are not disclosing how she was killed, nor estimating when she died.

The police chief corrected earlier descriptions of Easley, saying he is believed to be closer to 215 pounds instead of the 265 pounds shown on his driver’s license.

He also said a representative of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has made arrangements to have billboards with Brittany Smith’s photograph on it in Virginia and surrounding states, including West Virginia and North Carolina, as well as Alabama and Ohio.

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