Mike Stovall plans to run for re-election to the Roanoke County School Board

VINTON–Mike Stovall, Vinton’s representative on the Roanoke County School Board announced at their meeting on January 24 that he plans to run for re-election to the Board on November 5.

Stovall was first elected in 1994 as the process was changing from appointed to elected Boards. (School Board representatives are now elected  for four year terms.) He was  then re-elected in 1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009. He served as School Board Chair in 1997, 2001, and 2010, and as Vice Chair in 1995 and 2010.

“I love the schools, the children, and the staff in Roanoke County,” said Stovall. “I enjoy serving and making a difference. “

Mike Stovall, Vinton's representative to the Roanoke County School Board announced on January 24 that he plans to seek re-election to the Board. He is shown here with Dr. Lorraine Lange, Superintendent of Schools for Roanoke County.












Stovall graduated from William Byrd High School. His youngest child graduated from WBHS in 2012.He owns Alert Driver Training on Washington Avenue in Vinton. 

He takes special pride in four particular areas where he has played a significant role over the course of his years on the Board: the placement of police resource officers in the middle and high schools; the extensive  renovations and technology updates in all Vinton  schools, with W. E. Cundiff scheduled next on the list after construction at Glenvar is complete; the hiring of Dr. Lorraine Lange as Superintendent of Schools; and the School Board’s diligence in maintaining the quality of the school system in tough economic times. Although the school system is operating with 200 less employees, all of the reductions have been handled through attrition and retirements; no employees have been laid off and no services have been cut.

“We are not leaving any child behind in the Roanoke County Schools,” said Stovall. “We serve all children from those who want to be bricklayers to those who want to be nuclear engineers. We have placed technology in the hands of every student.”

 “I have been encouraged by many constituents to seek another term, especially as difficult economic times continue and I have years of experience with the budget,” said Stovall. “Our school system is in good shape.”

“I enjoy serving on the School Board because it is the governmental body that has the closest ties to the community,” said Stovall. “I see citizens at PTA meetings, as I visit the schools, at the grocery store, at recreation functions. Vinton is a tight, close district.”

The November 2013 election also includes races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, the Virginia House of Delegates, and the Vinton Board of Supervisors seat currently held by Mike Altizer. Altizer plans to announce his re-election plans in February.