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Kiwanis Club speaker to present on benefits of pipeline

ROANOKE – The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke is hosting special guest speaker John D’Orazio, president and CEO of Roanoke Gas Company and RGC Resources, on Wednesday, April 8, at 1 p.m. in the Patrick Henry Ballroom.

D’Orazio will be making a presentation about the economic benefits of the Mountain Valley Pipeline from reports and studies conducted by FTI Consulting. The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project is a natural gas pipeline system that would span approximately 300 miles from the north of West Virginia to the south of Virginia. In Virginia, it would pass through five southwestern counties – Giles, Montgomery, Roanoke, Franklin, and Pittsylvania. Alternate routes have also been mapped, including one in Craig County.

D’Orazio will review economic benefits that include construction spending, pipeline operations, ad valorem taxes, and direct supply of natural gas. He will also present Direct-Use Benefits to residences, commercial businesses (manufacturing and transportation) and municipalities. Annual tax revenue estimates for each of the counties, both for the current route and the main alternative route under consideration are:

  • Pittsylvania County: $1.8 million;
  • Franklin County: $1.9 million;
  • Roanoke County (current route): $1.6 million;
  • Roanoke County (alternative route): $2.7 million;
  • Montgomery County (current route): $1.5 million;
  • Montgomery County (alternative route): $500,000;
  • Giles County (current route): $900,000; and
  • Craig County (alternative route): $900,000

John D’Orazio is an engineering graduate of Virginia Tech. He has over 30 years of natural gas industry experience, having worked for Baltimore Gas & Electric and Virginia Natural Gas in Virginia Beach prior to joining Roanoke Gas in 1993. He has held a number of management positions within Roanoke Gas and is currently president and CEO of Roanoke Gas Company and its parent company, RGC Resources, Inc. He is a member of a number of industry committees of the American Gas Association and Southern Gas Association as well as serving on local non-profit boards.

FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. FTI Consulting professionals, who are located in all major business centers throughout the world, work closely with clients to anticipate, illuminate and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and restructuring.

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