Kaine visits Salem VA to learn about job reentry

SALEM – Senator Tim Kaine visited the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center today to learn about job re-entry programs for returning veterans, in particular – including the Compensated Work Therapy program that runs the greenhouse – and to reassure VA leaders the Senate will be voting next week on a national budget.

Kaine told reporters Congress needs to pass a short-term budget in order to get back on financial track. So far, the nation is operating without a 2013 budget.

Kaine spent about two hours with officials at the VA, after a 10-minute press conference, which included the Salem Times-Register. The visit was part of what he called a three-day armed forces tour. He is the newest member of the Armed Forces Committee.

Kaine was the most recent Democratic governor of Virginia, before current governor Bob McDonnell, who is a Republican. He was elected to the Senate in November 2012.

For more details on Kaine’s remarks, see the print version of the Feb. 28 Salem Times-Register.