‘Journey to Clarity’


“What if your life has been built on misunderstanding and perhaps, outright deception?”

That’s the question Botetourt resident David Tozar asks and tries to answer in his first book, “Journey to Clarity” that’s been published with the help of Author Solutions.

Tozar and his family moved to Fincastle 23 years ago with his wife Jean and two sons, Gabriel and Elijah.

A Fairfax native, he had settled in Hampton after a stint in the Army. He holds a doctorate in Christian apologetics from Newburgh Theological Seminary and Bible College.

He’s taught for a number of years on a variety of subjects, and some of those subjects spawned his interest in writing this book.

In trying to answer that opening question, Tozar follows with other questions he tries to answer in “Journey to Clarity.”

He asks, “Would you want to know the truth? Would you be courageous enough to face it? Is there such a thing as truth, or is it really left swinging in then breeze to be determined by…

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