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Virginia Media, Inc.  heads up operations for six weekly newspapers here in our valley:  The Fincastle Herald, The New Castle Record, News Messenger, Radford News Journal, Salem Times-Register and the Vinton Messenger; printing all right here in the valley on our own printing press.

Our staff works hard to provide our community with award-winning journalism and has been part of the Roanoke and New River Valleys for more than 150 years. Chronicling the lives of those who call this part of Southwest Virginia home is Montgomery Publishing’s stock in trade.

Each week our newspapers give more than 50,000 readers the news most important to them … local, hometown news. Our staff works diligently to continue this tradition and to help businesses flourish as we bring their message to readers.

Today, in looking for ways to better serve both readers and advertiser we offer ourvalley.org – A website that brings communities together and offers local businesses a voice on the web. With great new features in addition to our trusted news stories OurValley.org works in conjunction with our printed papers to bring you up-to-date pertinent news and information.

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