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Glenvar Football Friday

Don’t expect the clock to be running continuously this Friday when Glenvar plays host to Radford in football. All indications point to a close game between two of the top teams in the Three Rivers District.

That wasn’t the case last Friday, when Glenvar entertained Auburn for Homecoming. The hopelessly overmatched visitors were beaten before they got off the bus as Glenvar took a 41-0 win.

“Before the game their coach asked me if they could keep the clock running in the second quarter if we got way up on them,” said Glenvar coach Kevin Clifford. “I really don’t like doing that, but I agreed. We have some kids who I’d like to get in the game who don’t play much. If I was the coach, no matter how bad I thought I’d get beat, I’d never say that. I’d never concede defeat before the game.”

As it turned out Auburn coach Phil Collett knew what he was talking about. The Eagles suited up less than 20 players, their quarterback is out for the season with a broken leg, and they trailed Glenvar 34-0 in the second quarter. And, yes, the clock didn’t stop for some of the second quarter and the whole second half.

Glenvar's Phillip Tarpley(#41) breaks an Auburn tackle for a big gain in last Friday's game. Below, Corey Bolden gets a big hole up the middle as he rambles for a 12 yard TD run. -Photo by Kenny Ford
Glenvar's Phillip Tarpley(#41) breaks an Auburn tackle for a big gain in last Friday's game. Below, Corey Bolden gets a big hole up the middle as he rambles for a 12 yard TD run. -Photo by Kenny Ford

“We had two series’ the whole second half,” said Clifford. “That’s okay, I agreed to it so what could I say?”

The VHSL has a rule that the clock must keep running in the second half if one team is ahead by 35 points or more. Glenvar didn’t actually get ahead by 35 or more until Tommy Roach scored on a 47 yard run in the fourth period. Of course, the second half just flew by and the Eagles were back in Riner in record time.

Glenvar got first half touchdowns from five different people. Philip Tarpley scored on a 24 yard run, Corey Bolden had a 12 yard TD run, Tim Woods had a 17 yard score, Richard Gleason had a 28 yard TD catch from Cam Holshouser, and Chris Dumler took an interception 65 yards to the house to conclude the first half fireworks.

Clifford spread the work around. Roach led the rushers with 75 yards, Tarpley had 66, Zach Hill had 55, Woods 27 and Bolden 20. Those five Highlanders rushed for a combined 223 yards on 22 carries, an average of just about 10 yards a carry.

Glenvar completed just one pass, the TD to Gleason. Jacob Noble led the defense with eight solo tackles and two assists, including four sacks. Tarpley had four and three, Woods three and three, and Courtney Biddle had seven solos and three assists.

The only bad stat of the night was that Glenvar fumbled for the first time in seven games. The Highlanders had not fumbled once in six games and the first half last Friday, but when Clifford cleared the bench the Highlanders lost a fumble to Auburn.

“We had some interceptions and muffed punts, but that was our first fumble,” said Clifford. “So far we’ve forced 22 turnovers and we’ve only given it up 10 times. If you don’t beat yourself you’re going to be tough to beat. That’s what I always admired about Salem. They never beat themselves, you had to beat them if you we’re going to win.”

The win lifted Glenvar to 6-1 with a huge game coming up this week. Radford, who is 4-3 overall but 2-0 in the district, is in first place in the Three Rivers. Glenvar, East Mont, Giles, and Floyd are all 1-1 in district play.

If Glenvar can win Friday night the Highlanders and Radford will both be 2-1, the winner of the East Mont-Floyd game will be 2-1, and Giles will surely beat Auburn, making them 2-1. So, if Glenvar wins four teams will be logjammed at 2-1 at the top of the district.

If Glenvar does not win, the Highlanders will be two games behind Radford and out of the Three Rivers race. So, you can see this is a very important game for the Highlanders as they attempt to build their program to the level of being competitors in the Three Rivers District every season.

“It should be interesting,” said Clifford. “We should have beaten Giles, but we still control our own destiny and that’s all you can ask.”


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  • i think that u are a great writer but the only thing i dont like is the way u talk about AUBURN. one of the reasons that coach collett asked the glenvar coach that was cause we only have just enought players to play a game we have 20. so with 20 players most people know that a team can’t compete against Glenvar, Giles, Radford, or anyone in the district for that matter. i do think collett should have at lest talked to the team about it which he didnt. i think he is still a good coach but w just need #’s. and i think if u want to talk smack about auburn u can tell clifford to go back to his dog house lol

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