Friday, January 11, 2013

Former deputy sentenced to life for ex-wife’s murder

By Meg Hibbert

ROANOKE – A former Franklin County deputy accused of killing his ex-wife who lived in Salem will serve life in prison, plus three years, for her murder. Today, Jan. 11, Jonathan Agee pleaded “no contest” to the charge of fatally shooting Jennifer Agee as she sat in a vehicle with her daughter on Memorial Day 2011 at a Sheetz in Roanoke.

After the shooting, Jonathan Agee fled through Salem on Main Street and onto Interstate 81, driving a Franklin County Sheriff’s Office car, and was charged with getting into a shootout with a Virginia State Police trooper, and being wounded. That trial had been set for March 4 in Montgomery County.

According to court records, Agee made his plea in exchange for dropping three other charges.

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One Response to “Former deputy sentenced to life for ex-wife’s murder”

  1. Revenge

    What can drive a person wanting to commit a senseless act of violence. No person in the world is worth going to prison over. When a Police Officer commits a wrongful act the community feeds off it. The majority of the world are nothing but arm chair quarterbacks. Now you see why the Police like to keep to themselves because they know that a large portion of society are nothing but parasites.


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