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Feathers ruffled over appeal

SALEM – Quite a few Salem residents’ feathers were ruffled when word began spreading around Salem that the much anticipated Chick-fil-A restaurant won’t be going in as soon as anticipated.

During City Council’s meeting Monday night a letter that brought forth on behalf of Stan Seymour, owner of Bojangles’ on West Main Street, brought forth an appeal stating that “the site plan violates Salem zoning ordinances regarding parking, buffers, landscape, and setbacks among other matters.” 

Council had planned to consider a bond for erosion and sediment control for the proposed Chick-Fil-A site, but instead continued the matter pending the BZA outcome.

When an appeal is made State Code, not City Code, says that proceedings must immediately stop.  City council was forced to table the discussion to a later undetermined date as appeal effectively moved it over to the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals is put together by the Circuit Court and is something that neither City Council nor the City of Salem put together.

Salem’s Director of Planning and Development, Melinda Payne maintains that “we are satisfied that we have done what we needed to do in review of the site plan” and that the plan was properly reviewed by the appropriate city personnel.  The Board of Zoning appeals will meet in the “near future” to review the plan and Mr. Seymour’s concerns.  A meeting date has not been set.

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