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Elliston woman wins ‘dough’ after buying baking supplies

ELLISTON – Elliston resident Susie Linkous won the $150,000 top prize from the Virginia Lottery Black Scratcher ticket she bought when she stopped at the Sunset Deli Mart in Elliston to buy yeast to bake rolls.

The check was presented to her on March 12, and the Virginia Lottery announced Linkous’ win today.

“Is this right? Did I really win?” she was quoted as asking her husband when she scratched the ticket. The couple also took the ticket to a nearby Virginia Lottery retailer, who confirmed the good news.

According to Virginia Lottery officials, Linkous is the third top-prize winner in the Virginia Lottery Black game. Two $150,000 tickets remain unclaimed, officials said. The game features prizes ranging from $5 to $150,000.

Linkous said she hopes to use her winnings to get some work done on her house.

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