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Cougars end another great football season

Another successful football season has ended for the Craig County Cougars The Cougars have a lot to be proud of.  Each year the Craig County Cougars compete in the Salem Sandlot Division.  Craig County, Salem, and Glenvar all compete in this division.

The Junior Division (ages 11-13) ended their season with a 7-3 record. The team opened the season with a winning attitude and win is what they did, placing second in their division and conquering all Salem and Glenvar teams at least once, if not twice.

“It was another good season for the Craig County Cougar Junior football team.” said Cougar coach Andy Frango “A lot of hard work and effort is what contributed to the team’s success. I would like to thank assistant coaches Jack Welch, James Swingle and Matt Wilson and all of the parents for their support this year.”

Junior Division coaches Frango, Wilson,  Swingle, and Welch are already excited about next year’s team.

The Little League Division (ages 9-10) ended their season with their heads held high.  A highlight of the season was Craig’s game against Glenvar.  The Cougars went into that game scoring two touchdowns and two extra points before half time.

“We are all very proud of the players” said Coach Jesse Bradford “I would to thank the players, parents and coaches for all their support and hard work”.

Coaches for the Little League Division were Bradford, Tim McMahan, Chris McPherson, and Jody Scott.

The Pee Wee Division (ages 7-8) ended their season with a bang, winning their last game of the season.  Craig County has been playing in the Salem Sandlot Division for eight years and for the first time ever the Pee Wee team ended with two seasonal wins and landed in 5th place

“I am very proud of our players and coaches with the job that they have done.” said Coach Willy Snider

“We have surpassed everyone’s expectations for the season.  Not only were we competitive but we had a chance to win every game. The other Salem and Glenvar teams have complimented our team on how well they played .”

Coaches for the Pee Wee Division were Snider, Chris Todd, David McPherson, and Shannon Charles.

Football fans who have never been to a Cougar football game are missing out. There is an overwhelming amount of pride with the support in the stands.  The team slogan for the cougars  is, “Its All About the Pride.”

At Craig County, it’s all about “pride” and the Cougars have plenty of reason for it.

2009 Craig County Pee Wee Cougars
2009 Craig County Pee Wee Cougars
2009 Craig County Little Cougars
2009 Craig County Little Cougars
2009 Craig County Junior Cougars
2009 Craig County Junior Cougars


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