College students charged for loud parties – SALEM

College students charged for loud parties – SALEM.

 Six college students and guests were charged for underage drinking and having a loud party on Craig Avenue in Salem on Oct. 24, and two more on Red Lane. 

 According to the Salem Police report, the people and their charges from the party in the 200 block of Craig Avenue were: Vernon James Armour, public intoxication; Gregory James Kroeger, illegal possession of alcohol; Daniel Lewis Ferrentino, illegal possession of alcohol; Megan Elizabeth McDonough, noise disturbance; Richard Lewis Sutton, illegal possession of alcohol, and Clarke Russell Lewis, illegal possession of alcohol. 

 Also, police charged two residents of a house in the 400 block of Red Lane after an officer noticed students and noise on the front lawn at 2:45 a.m., according to Lt. Mike Green. Tyler Lane Booth and Anthony Brantley were charged with noise disturbance.