Built-in Community

Photos By Liz Kirchner
Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center Director, Eileen Mahan, stands next to a painting that says “Dogs need you” by an 8-year-old animal advocate (for sale, artist’s suggest price $8). Art throughout the center is part of Mahan’s community outreach

Research-backed architecture transformed Montgomery County’s dog pound into its animal care and adoption center.

Liz Kirchner

Two weeks ago, animal shelter volunteers gathered to witness the demolition of Montgomery County’s old shelter and, with it, the outdated animal-care notion the building represented.

Dirty, cold, hot, dark and loud was how volunteers remembered the old building that day as they watched a back-hoe trundle down the length of the cinderblock cells and rusted chain link, raise its heavy claw and smash the roof in a spray of plywood and shingle.

The crowd of volunteers, staff and county administrators standing on a grassy knoll at the new…

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