Friday, March 23, 2012

Botetourt supervisors list possible cuts to services

By Submitted

Potential reductions in Botetourt County operations (excluding schools) being considered by the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors Budget Committee are:


• law enforcement

• jail operations

• emergency communications services

• support for volunteer fire & rescue agencies

• cut Fire and Emergency Services training

• eliminate unsafe structure demolitions

• eliminate household hazardous waste collection


•  reduce library branch hours

• eliminate purchase of new books, eBooks and DVDs

• eliminate bookmobile service

• eliminate summer children’s programs


•  impose youth sports participation fee

• eliminate non-revenue generating programs and community events

• eliminate Recreation Incentive Fund

• eliminate national tournaments at the Sports Complex

• eliminate funding to improve handicap access to facilities


• cut economic development marketing

• defer recommended support services for small businesses

• eliminate support and marketing of existing tourism initiatives

• cut sports marketing


• cut senior van transport

• cut funding for most community, cultural and human service organizations

• eliminate mulch give-away


• cut support for voter registration and elections

• cut support for Constitutional offices

• reduce land use and zoning violation enforcement

• cut commercial and residential construction support services


• postpone real estate tax assessment one year

• defer computer and vehicle replacements

• defer facility maintenance

One Response to “Botetourt supervisors list possible cuts to services”

  1. mary kelly

    Just a thought. Doesn’t Botetout have any smart kids. You pay their way though college and they have to go somewhere els e to get a job while their parent pay their parent plus loans and they have to move away so we can hire someone who does not even live here

    Maybe the new administrator should take the position at the salary most people in Botetourt earn that pay her salary. Also the old principal from LB who reportly by people who work at the bus station comes to work, closes the door and at 3 pm leaves the building with no one seeing him do anything should be paid what he is worth. The new Recreatin person could have been a group of locals who want to bring business to thir establishments. It looks like the guys at outfitters in buchanan did all the work on the last brochure and then after gazillions were printed the first time I read it I found a mistake and asked one of the twins and he said too many were printed by the high payed guy to redo them

    You can cut the support for the volunteer fire dept. because in good time all the in the know people will have their friends etc. working as a paid employee of Botetourt. When the;y run out of money to pay them they will appreciate and wish that volunteer group is back.

    As far as the library goes it needs later hours opening up and it needs ot close when everyone is the students and workers are at home to use it. not closed as soon as they get off the school bus.

    The more you pay someone the less they do and the more they want. We need some volunteer work in this county that is appreciated. Use some of the guys in jail also they are only there because they didn’t have the money to pay all the lawyers in the county the big fees they want. let them work for money to support their families and to have some money to pay the fines and have a nest egg to fall back on so they don’t have to hitch hike out of the jail house with no where to go. Thats how we treat our people here in the county that don’t make the big bucks.

    I know no one will read any of this that matters and it is really spur of the moment so not written very well but how I felt as I was typing.


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