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Board proposes pay hike for school personnel

Henry County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jim Adams begins the Feb. 25 joint budget meeting with the Henry County School Board.

By Brandon Martin

The Henry County School Board unveiled plans to increase employee pay in their new budget during a Feb. 25 joint meeting with the Henry County Board of Supervisors.

Of the additional funds that the schools expect to receive this year, 64 percent is being budgeted to increase the salaries of full-time and part-time staff.

“Knowing that the funding level from the state is going to exceed last year’s funding level, and knowing that our employees’ salaries will only stay competitive if we continue to increase their compensation, we are able to see growth in the budget that we are developing,” said David Scott, who gave the presentation.

According to Scott, 41 percent of the new funds will go to full-time licensed staff. This group includes teachers, librarians, counselors, reading specialists, instructional coaches and anyone that holds a…

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