Monday, February 29, 2016

Blacksburg to close busy Prices Fork Road crosswalk

By Brian Perdue

BLACKSBURG — The Town of Blacksburg plans to close a busy pedestrian crosswalk at Prices Fork Road and Turner and Webb streets (at the Edge Apartment Homes). The closure is scheduled for Monday, March 7.

According to town spokeswoman Lisa Sedlak, the closure is in response to safety concerns from residents and the Virginia Tech community. The busy crosswalk uses motion detection to trigger yellow flashing lights so pedestrians, the vast majority being Virginia Tech students, may cross the four-lane road.

As a result of the closure, there will be roadwork in the area to dismantle equipment and signage, resulting in intermittent lane closures the week of March 14.

Once the crosswalk is closed, pedestrians should use the signaled crosswalk at Prices Fork at Stanger Street and Toms Creek Road, which lies 150 yards to the west.

In an email, Sedlak stated the town is working to create a safer crossing at Prices Fork Road at Turner and Webb streets.

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5 Responses to “Blacksburg to close busy Prices Fork Road crosswalk”

  1. Susan

    I am glad that are doing this. This crosswalk has always scared me as a driver. Needs something safer for sure.

  2. Elanor

    This is a poor idea. Students will still continue to cross instead of going all the way down to cross at a farther sight, especially since many classes are right across the cross walk. The student still crossing without a designated crosswalk will make this much more dangerous that it supposedly is now. I cross every morning to get to my classes and have yet to see or hear of any accidents occurring at this location.

  3. Chris

    This is extremely idiotic. All this will do is make that area more dangerous. Do you really expect college kids to stop crossing where they cross every day? No. They’re still gonna cross there but it’ll just be without the added safety of the crosswalk and lights.

  4. David

    What ever efforts taken to close the crosswalk will be ignored by the students. Blacksburg’s long standing of letting the students have what ever they want continues. Then need for jaywalking laws in Blacksburg is more important than ever. Until Blacksburg takes action to curb mid-block crossing of its streets, there will be no change in the safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. As told by me when I complained to the police about the student ignoring the “Don’t Walk” signs, Blacksburg doesn’t have any laws against jaywalking and if you don’t like it, they built this road that goes around Blacksburg called the 460 Bypass. Use it. Don’t come downtown.” That’s what I’ve done. Downtown Blacksburg will not get any more of my money.

  5. Sally

    This has been a frustrating site since the inception of the crosswalk lights. It has been like a cattle crossing at milking time. I thought the solution would be for red and green lights intermittently for the crossing. That would be fair all around. They can wait, just like we have had to do. I’m glad they have done something, even if it is ugly barricades, though I’m sure another work-around to accommodate the students will be coming – maybe a pedestrian bridge (high enough to allow trucks).


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