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BCAT students place 4th in National Engine Building Competition

CAVE SPRING–The motorsports engine building “Team Aeromotive” from the Burton Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) traveled to Las Vegas on October 30, 2012, to compete in the National Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge.

Dustin Perkins, Austin Steinhafel, Chuck Quinn, Chad Croom, and Cameron Conner placed fourth in the national championship “Showdown at SEMA” competition. They are all students in the Motorsports/Welding program at BCAT. Their instructor is Chris Overfelt, who accompanied them to the competition.

A team of students from the Burton Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) placed 4th in the National Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge in Las Vegas in October. (Shown left to right) Dustin Perkins, a senior at Northside High School, Austin Steinhafel, a tenth grader at Cave Spring High School, and Chuck Quinn, also a senior at Northside High School, along with teammates Chad Croom and Cameron Conner (not shown) disassembled and reassembled an engine in 24 minutes and 46 seconds.















Twelve teams participated in the fourth annual event at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) meeting.

Teams are judged by how quickly and accurately they can disassemble and then reassemble a stock engine, using hand tools. The event itself resembles the tear down between rounds at a drag race where teams typically rebuild their engines within 45 minutes.

In regional competition earlier this year in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the team completed the task in 29 minutes and 10 seconds. In Las Vegas, the BCAT team improved their time to 24:46. Last year a BCAT team finished 7th nationally.

This is the final year that the competition will be held in Las Vegas, moving next year to Florida.

Ohio Technical College (OTC), the University of  Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), and the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM]) in Texas award scholarships of over $2.5 million to students who participated in the Showdown at SEMA.

“Each of the BCAT team members won $7000 from each school for a total of $21,000 per student,” said Overfelt. “They also won $5000 each at the regional event.”

Bojangles was again the team’s major sponsor for the event. Owner Stan Seymour donated chicken dinners for the team to sell with all proceeds going to the project.



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