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Bassett Furniture’s Bench Made line is ‘best story of decade’

J. Carter Underwood, vice president of domestic wood manufacturing for Bassett Furniture Industries Inc., points to a sign inside the Bench Made facility in Bassett. Employees who had been with the company at least one year affixed their signature to the sign in January to mark Bench Made’s fifth anniversary.

By Debbie Hall

Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. in January celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Bench Made facility in the traditional fashion—with a sheet cake and employees with at least a year of service affixing their signatures to a sign inside the building.

The Bench Made facility in Bassett also helped drive an increase in the production and sales of domestically produced furniture, according to Jeb Bassett, COO of Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. and J. Carter Underwood, the company’s vice president of domestic wood manufacturing.

In January, which is the most recent data available, 80 percent of the products were domestically produced, according to…

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