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A Goal-Oriented Project with the Hubs

A couple weeks ago, we got the grand idea to paint a few rooms in our house in hopes of moving toward eventually selling it next year.  It was our first big, hands-on project together as Mr. and Mrs.

We took an entire Sunday and had decided to start our quest for home improvement with the kitchen.  Still not sure what possessed us to start there because it felt like no room could have been more taxing!

Being 23 and 27 years old, we had never painted a room unsupervised.  And I knew from the second I first dragged that roller through the Hubbard Squash paint that this might not be the walk-in-the-park, immediate gratification for which I had idealistically hoped.  My parents lightly alluded to the work involved in the days preceding this project.  Of course I didn’t listen.

My point is that it was refreshing to see our reactions and dynamic as a couple at play in this situation.  Matt, being the level-headed guy he is, exhibited his best qualities that balance out my impatience.  He worked steadily and quietly.  The second my iPod stopped blaring my sing-along playlist created specifically for this monumental project, I wanted to be Chatty Cathy.  He worked linearly while I jumped around on my walls without necessarily finishing before vacating a certain spot.

The kicker- when I didn’t put enough coats on the part where the ceiling and wall meet, I wanted to go back over them right then and there.  Matt suggested we stop.  After all we had been painting for seven hours straight at this point and our poor dogs, who are the other two members of our family, Ivory our cream colored Chow Chow and Tassel, our 4 pound Shih Tzu-Maltese mix, had been in their crates all day.  His practicality keeps me from officially going nuts and it was nice to be reminded of that.

I can’t wait to start painting the other rooms (serious and sarcastic at the same time).

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